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New study encourages an active faith

WORLD-RENOWNED theologian, Bishop NT Wright, and Micah Challenge International Director, Rev Dr Joel Edwards, have joined Australia’s Rev Dr John Dickson and Rev Tim Costello to inspire Christians in Australia to tackle global poverty.

A new interactive five-week Bible study created by World Vision Australia, The Faith Effect , suggests that the church is best
positioned to break the cycle of poverty, with the capacity to see every person as made in the image of God, no matter their
class, caste or colour.

These and other high profile social reformers, theologians and practitioners are united by the belief that every follower of Jesus has the capacity to put their faith into action to make a genuine difference in the world.

Bishop Wright, New Testament Professor at the University of St Andrews in Scotland said, “God is on the move, doing stuff, transforming the world, healing the world and we get to be part of it”.

World Vision Australia CEO, Rev Tim Costello, said The Faith Effect would help Australian Christians understand God’s
perspective on global poverty and the importance of centering lives on Jesus to see an impact of faith on society.

“When we get our Christology right, we see the differences.

John Wesley got it.

He said, ‘If I die with £10 to my name the world can call me a thief’.

“So when I visit places like India, Sudan and Cambodia I see poverty and pain and I think that if God hasn’t given up on this
earth, then as a Christian I can’t give up.”

Another contributor to The Faith Effect, Dr John Dickson, Director Centre for Public Christianity, admitted he had been wrong to once preach that every dollar given to the poor is a dollar less for evangelism.

Through his own journey of exploring the biblical basis for social engagement, he has come to recognise that, “Jesus was
insistent on the humble service of the world”.

The resource aims to help people put their faith into action locally and globally.

For more information visit www.thefaitheffect.com.au

Photo : The Faith Effect in Africa. Photo courtesy of World Vision Australia