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Thousands of local community groups backbone of flood recovery

Thousands of local organisations that are part of the not for profit community sector have thrown themselves into helping people recover from flooding throughout Queensland.

“Local community organisations have been active at a time when many would have normally scaled down for the summer break,” says QCOSS Director Jill Lang.

“Workers and volunteers involved with neighbourhood centres and other local groups have worked tirelessly to do what they do best.

“They are providing grass-roots support for families and individuals to ensure they can rebuild and move along the road to recovery. The community sector is often an unsung hero at times like this.

“They simply get on with the job of meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders who have been affected. Times like these highlight the value of community services – particularly local neighbourhood centres,” says Jill

The community sector in Queensland is involved in every town and neighbourhood in the state. Around 100,000 people are employed in 1,500 community services across Queensland. They represent about $5.3 billion in the economy.

“Many organisations, their staff and volunteers have themselves been affected by the floods,” says QCOSS President Karyn Walsh. “But this has not stopped them being at the forefront of efforts to support people.

“This support is happening as we speak in every corner of the state. With 75 per cent of the state hit by floods, the community sector has been working in cities, towns and rural areas.

“Their participation in the state’s emergency and disaster recovery system has been without fault – as has the Queensland and local government’s coordination and leadership.

“QCOSS wants to thank its members and every community organisation that has been working to provide practical support for Queenslanders,” says Karyn.

Power has been restored to QCOSS’s office in Brisbane’s West End and the office has reopened this afternoon.