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Website of the Month – Educating Christians

Designed by master blogger Duncan McLeod

In response to a request from the last Synod for a review of Christian education resources, Mission Consultant Rev Duncan Macleod has been blogging an extensive catalogue of learning resources for use in congregations and small groups. Blogs or weblogs are a relatively new internet phenomenon and are predominantly informal journals that are frequently updated and intended for general public consumption.

The author of a blog is called a blogger and Duncan Macleod has developed the Educating Christians web site with an impressive inventory of the A to Z of resources for Christian education in Uniting Church congregations.

Listing everything from Alpha to Zadock and with almost 100 resources to eventually be catalogued, this superb site also carries general articles on Christian education and the facility for others to send comments and make suggestions. People can also subscribe to an email list to receive posts on each resource as it is reviewed.

Details are given about settings, learning styles, session lengths and numbers, age groups, theological perspective, country of origin, leadership requirements, list of contents, technology needed, back-up resources available, web sites and purchasing information. Most useful are the contact details of congregations which have used the resource so people can speak directly to a user of the program.

You can access this most helpful resource at http://www.educatingchristians.blogspot.com.

Photo : Designed by master blogger Duncan McLeod