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Gumboot religion on display in new flood crisis

Good to see the Journey has made progress with the launch of the new look format (February 2013), congratulations.

Probably the last thing on the Editor-in-chief's mind when the issue was in planning was the prospect of a repeat of the 2010/11 floods. Thankfully the magnitude of the January 2013 floods has been nowhere as widespread and severe as that two years earlier.

This of course does not lessen the damage and personal hardship faced by those so deeply impacted.

We have already seen the way in which the community has rallied to aid the relief and evacuation effort, particularly in Bundaberg. This is a remarkable demonstration of the "gumboot religion" Drs Aaron Ghiloni and Sylvie Shaw share in their new research (Gumboot religion – Putting our best foot forward when disaster strikes).

Importantly it needs to be remembered that this secular social "gospel" of care and concern is not the end of the help provided to those who have suffered. The Christian community of faith has an ideal opportunity to ensure they do not lose their religion, remaining faithful to our gospel calling.

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