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12th Assembly Youthful Members Orientation

People from all over the country gather at the triennial Assembly to decide the future life of the church. Among them will be some of the most energetic and vibrant members of the church: our young people.

Coordinated by the host synod, it’s something of a tradition for a Youthful Members Orientation to be held prior to Assembly to ensure that younger members engage as fully as possible in the meeting. Nicole Fleming and Rob Hanks from the NSW/ACT Synod Youth Unit will conduct the Youthful Members Orientation this July.

Starting at lunch on the 13 July and running through to the evening of 15 July orientation will help give young members insight into what takes place at Assembly and how to make the most of the experience.

“We’ll be talking about the key issues of the Assembly, talking to people who are either proposing or have particular insight into issues and then spending time with the younger members discussing that and helping them think through their perspectives,” said Nicole.

Nicole and Rob have invited members all members under the age of 30 to participate in the orientation.

Nicole said the workshop is about young people’s “contribution to the shape of the church,” but she was quick to point out that the orientation is not a “tokenistic” gesture.

“Some of the people on the list are incredible leaders in the church. Their contribution is valuable whether they’re there as a young person or not,” she said.

“What we’re trying to do with the orientation is help them think through how they can contribute to the process fully, how to help them have some developed thoughts about the key issues that are coming up.”

Anyone interested in more information about the Youthful Members Orientation can contact Nicole Flemingvia email here