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An Easter invite: marching for Jesus

At a time when Aussies are becoming more and more interested in spirituality, the Church must make sure the central message of Easter does not go missing from the national consciousness.

That is the message coming from Australian Church leaders who are backing the Awakening movement as it continues to build on the foundation laid through the 1990’s.

National Coordinator of the Awakening movement Mal Garvin said, “In particular it is vital that the importance of Easter Day is not lost. It is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection that must be central at Easter.

Uniting Church Moderator Rev Dr David Pitman will be joining the Aussie Awakening March of Witness in Brisbane.

“I see this as an opportunity to celebrate the resurrection of Christ is a public manner that helps to remind our community what Easter really means,” Dr Pitman said.

“I invite ministers and members of the Uniting Church to join me for this event. Gather in the Botanical Gardens at the bottom end of Albert Street (Alice St entrance) in time for a 200pm start.”

“There is no more important message for our community than the good news that Jesus is alive!

“We can share that with others on a personal basis each day if we are willing. However, the Easter Day March and Rally is an opportunity to make a strong and unified public statement of our faith in the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.

The Awakening started as a partnership between most Christian Denominations and Christian Organisations in 1990 and since then has provided a framework for Christians across the nation to work for transformation in their local communities.

Mr Garvin says “Throughout the year Christians try hard to get the central message of our faith into the marketplace but at Easter, the nation comes to us, and it is vital we don’t lose this cornerstone of our culture as other forces vie for public attention.”

Dr Pitman invited Uniting Church congregations outside of Brisbane to consider some kind of equivalent local event undertaken ecumenically.