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Choir gives kids ‘script for life’

SINGING and learning songs can make all the difference in how you deal with the events that impact every day life.

With that in mind Bribie Island Uniting Church’s Margaret Grove suggested the idea of creating a children’s choir on Bribie Island.

"We give children the script for life – laying the foundations for the strongest things to carry them forward," Margaret said. "The thing we’re finding now is families are longing for scripting for their children and want to be with others who do the same.

"When I hit tough spots I have songs that come back to me to help me through the situation – this is what kids need but scripted in a way to lay down firm foundations.

"All our faiths do that, whatever faith you are makes no difference."

Margaret said she suggested the idea of starting a choir at a church meeting but because there weren’t enough children, the idea was suggested to ask all the churches to be involved.

And so the Ecumenical Children’s Choir was born.

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