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Churches support Christmas Bowl

Montville Uniting Church Act for Peace committee members. Photo courtesy of Act for Peace
GENEROUS GIVING by churches around Australia to the Christmas Bowl, the annual program of Act for Peace, will help
people in war-torn communities worldwide to rebuild their lives.

Churches in Queensland responded to the Christmas Bowl in creative ways.

At Montville Uniting Church on the Sunshine Coast, the church’s annual Christmas display focussed on the work of
Act for Peace.

The exhibition featured a handmade refugee tent inside the church hall and posters, banners and DVDs which highlighted
issues like shelter, security, clean water, food shortages, healthcare, education, skills training, peace and justice.

Montville Act for Peace representative, Craig Hosmer, said, “It was a challenging display to put together, but we learned so
much about the work of Act for Peace in the process and received some wonderful comments from visitors to the church’s exhibit.”

Funds raised through the Christmas Bowl will support Act for Peace partners who are helping over one million people
displaced by conflict worldwide, including in the fledgling nation of South Sudan. Act for Peace Executive Director, Alistair Gee, said international support is needed to ensure long-term peace and stability in South Sudan.

“Hopes are high for this new nation, but chronic poverty, poor infrastructure and sanitation, and conflict over territory and
resources are just some of the problems that we are trying to tackle with partners.”

Act for Peace is the international aid agency of the National Council of Churches in Australia.

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Photo : Montville Uniting Church Act for Peace committee members. Photo courtesy of Act for Peace