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Colleges renamed

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall. Photo courtesy of Focus
THE ANGLICAN Diocese of Brisbane has announced that two leading co-educational schools in Brisbane’s south-west corridor, currently administered by the Diocese but previously joint Anglican and Uniting Church schools, are to be renamed to reinforce their Anglican heritage.

Archbishop Phillip Aspinall said Forest Lake College and The Springfield College would be renamed as St John’s Anglican College and The Springfield Anglican College, respectively.

While both schools were jointly administered, from November 2009 they have been the sole responsibility of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane.

Archbishop Aspinall said the Uniting Church had been consulted and had given their blessing to the name changes.

The Uniting Church’s role in the history of both colleges will be formally acknowledged with plaques at both colleges as well as an ongoing ministry presence.

Under the arrangement the Uniting Church congregation based at the Forest Lake College Primary Campus will continue to use the Alpine Place Chapel for worship activities for as long as it is required.

The congregation will also have access to these facilities outside school hours through prior arrangement with the head of Forest Lake College.

Photo : Archbishop Phillip Aspinall. Photo courtesy of Focus