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Dawson Valley farmers lose crops and livestock

The lower Dawson River, which is fed by the Mimosa Creek south of Baralaba, and the Don River feeding flood waters from the Callide Valley, caused some severe inundation of properties in the Lower Dawson.

Large stream flows and flooding wreaked havoc on irrigation infrastructure along with some machinery, including a 485 hp tractor submerged.

A number of stock were swept downstream.

There were crop losses of some 12 per cent between Theodore and Moura and further downstream.

This part of the Dawson Valley saw some 300 to 450 mm of rain falling over the three days.

The farmers in the area are now rebuilding fences that have been washed away, replanting crops, repairing machinery that was inundated and repairing roads and irrigation.

For some farmers, dealing with the loss of crops and livestock along with repairing equipment once again after going through the 2010/11 disaster is placing a stress on their lives.

Prior to the rain event, farmers were running out of water to irrigate their crops and some were even abandoning some fields.