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Gallery opens in CBD church

ST ANDREW’S Uniting Church in Brisbane’s CBD dedicated their new art gallery, the Vera Wade Gallery, on 17 October.

Ms Wade was an active and long-time member of the congregation and had been a violinist in the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

For many years St Andrew’s has fostered the arts in the city through concerts, choirs and organ recitals.

Earlier this year an Art Gallery was added to broaden their outreach.

The Church Council decided to use a small part of the bequest Ms Wade left to the congregation for a fit out of the gallery.

Minister Rev Ray Herrmann said the Church Council and congregation had become aware that there was little reasonably
priced gallery space available in the inner city.

“This meant that emerging or little known artists had no opportunities to exhibit their work,” he said.

“The church was also aware of the fact that this section of the arts was missing in the congregational life.”

With the establishment of the gallery the bond between the congregation and Visionaries (a group interested in religious art) also has been strengthened.

“The gallery at the corner of Creek and Ann Streets Brisbane, is open each weekday from 11am until 2pm,” said Mr Herrmann.

For enquiries about the use of the gallery contact the St Andrew’s Uniting Church office on 3221 2400