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Grace journeys through The Gap

Geoff Bullock performs at The Gap Uniting Church. Photo by Cameron Todd
On the first weekend of September The Gap Uniting Church hosted a full-day seminar and evening concert with musicians Geoff Bullock and Stu Larsen called Journeys in Music and Grace.

Mr Bullock and Mr Larsen are both well-known and talented song writers and The Gap Uniting Church minister Rev John Ruhle said it was a “privilege, a challenge and an encouragement” to hear their stories.

“Stories of achievement, fantastic music and great highs as well as stories of brokenness and despair.”

Mr Ruhle said both men wove their own life stories into themes of music and grace as participants in the seminar were given a real, gritty and very personal glimpse into their lives.

“We were also challenged to fully understand grace, to fully understand worship and to understand how music does and does not play a role in authentic worship,” said Mr Ruhle.

The evening concert was a celebration of their music, journeys and grace.

“The music was first class and the stories of grace were heartfelt and inspirational,” said Mr Ruhle.

Mr Bullock joined The Gap Uniting Church congregation for a special Father’s Day service the following day where he drew attention to our heavenly father.

“As it was Father’s Day, Geoff focused on the theme of the Father Heart of God and was again very open and honest in sharing about his relationship with his own father and how this has impacted on his life, music and ministry.”

Photo : Geoff Bullock performs at The Gap Uniting Church. Photo by Cameron Todd