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Hospital chapel needs Uniting Church help

ON THE third Sunday of each month it is Uniting Church Sunday at the Princess Alexandra Hospital chapel Brisbane.

There is a need for six Uniting Church people to be volunteers at the monthly Uniting Church chapel service.

One person needs to play the organ, a second needs to be the door person, the third person sits with the people and talks to them, and two more people go around the five wards in the Geriatric and Rehabilitation sections to wheel patients to and from the chapel service.

Another volunteer needs to set up the communion elements.

People from other denominations are currently filling in those spaces as well as doing the first and fifth Sundays also.

We can arrange to meet you in the foyer of the Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit, or in the chapel, to show you around if you would like to be involved.

For more information contact Rev Sione Afu on 0402 625 118