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Meals still on wheels

Photo by Matt Gees
ON SUNDAY July 11 the link between Brisbane’s Meals on Wheels and the St Andrew’s Congregation was celebrated in worship.

Rev William Young, the minister of then St Andrew’s Presbyterian congregation in 1960, had seen a need in the community and convened the elders and managers to work out a way the congregation could make a Christian response.

Forty-nine meals were prepared and delivered on the first day by members of the church on 12 July 1960 from the St Andrew’s House hostel in New Farm.
Heritage Committee Chairman Noel Adsett remembered The Courier Mail reporting it the next day.

“The headline read ‘Meals on Wheels – needy widower rescued’.” Mr Adsett said. “I can remember that people had their table set when we came calling and they had their two shillings on the table ready.”

The Thanksgiving service celebrated the fact that there was a need in the community and the church was able to respond.

Rev Ray Hermann reminded those present that showing God’s love was not something that needed to be large.

St Andrew’s Meals on Wheels concluded in 1973 but the link between the church and this service is still remembered and celebrated as an example of showing God’s love through service.

Photo : Photo by Matt Gees