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Multicultural celebrations bring in New Year

Young people at the Tongan National Conference in June.
IN ANOTHER first ncyc11 will run over the New Year and preparations are underway for a celebration of global proportions.

Organiser and visionary for the New Year’s Eve celebrations Fa Ngaluafe said the events planned for NYE focus on uniting the diverse delegates of the convention in a celebration of different cultures.

“New Year’s Eve is important to many different cultures as it is a time of great thankfulness for what the past year has brought and what God has done but also looks forward to what the New Year will bring,” she said.

“We are coming together not as individuals but as family to share this experience.

“All delegates will be able to unite and be part of the many different ways the New Year is celebrated.”

Co-director of the program team Stephen Rothery said the night will be an opportunity to be part of an exciting event for those who haven’t seen beyond typical parties. A large feast will follow fireworks and a time of worship lead by different cultures.

“We are reframing the concept of New Year’s into an entirely new perspective and approach so that most importantly New Year’s Eve will be a sharing of faith,” Mr Rothery said. “Ncyc11’s New Year’s celebrations will be a great opportunity to experience a time of worship, prayer and eating as a family.”

Alison Cox, ncyc11 coordinator, said the night will be centred on bringing everyone together as one, uniting the different backgrounds of delegates.

“This will not be a spectator event but everyone will be included; it will be life-changing and memorable, the one they won’t forget.”

Photo : Young people at the Tongan National Conference in June.