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New Synod website is a gateway to faith

COMMUNICATION Services Unit Manager Mr Bruce Mullan claims the new Queensland Synod website is as good as any denominational website in the world.

“As well as being a gateway to the Uniting Church in Queensland, the site has an emphasis on being a place where people can find faith information,” Mr Mullan said.

“There is a strong focus on developing a web presence that presents the church as more than just an administrative structure.”

The new Synod website includes even more information for those seeking to make contact with or visit congregations for worship.

An online directory of Queensland Uniting Church congregations is searchable by name, suburb/town or postcode.

Website visitors can type in their postcode and a list of the congregations serving their area will be provided with detailed information about worship times, contact details and location – including photographs and maps.

Website developer Mr Osker Lau said the site is built on the Microsoft .NET technology which provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced web services.

Mr Mullan said, having finished the initial site Mr Lau will now begin the second stage of development which will have the ability to include the websites of various Synod services and activities which are currently using other providers and platforms.

In the third stage, it will provide a place where each congregation could choose to place its own individual web presence.

“This will ensure the web presence of the Uniting Church in Queensland is information-rich and easily navigated through a portal that congregation members, church leaders and the general public can use as a single, unified entry point.”

The Synod website can be found at www.ucaqld.com.au