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Partners massage feet and souls

Participants in the 2007 Partners in Ministry Camp at Margate

The relaxed seaside setting of Margate was the scene for the recent 2007 Partners in Ministry Camp. 

Twenty-five campers (including our youngest camper, nine-month old Bethany) spent the weekend indulging in coffee, cake, massage and good company.

The Moderator of the Queensland Synod Rev Dr David Pitman led the gathering in study and quiet reflection, initiating “open and honest sharing”.

Everyone left rested, refreshed and looking forward to next year’s camp. One camper commented, “It was great to catch up and have space to just ‘be’. The 2 sessions of study with the multi-layered story was an excellent tool to initiate thinking. The foot spa and massage were also very special.”

Another camper remarked that “whole weekend was a lovely experience of friendship and spirituality”.

Thank you to those congregations that were able to show their support by sponsoring partners of those in ministry to attend this weekend.

All partners of ministerial agents in the Queensland Synod, both current and retired, are invited to attend the 2008 Partners in Ministry Camp, to be held at Alexandra Park, on 14-16 March, 2008.

For further details, please contact Marcia Pitman on 07 3279 0323 or Pam Whebell on 07 3715 6485.

Photo : Participants in the 2007 Partners in Ministry Camp at Margate