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Pipes of praise organist

Photo courtesy of Janet Brandon
IN JULY Chermside Kedron Community Church held a lunch to honour the many years Darcy Gough has played the organ for their worship services.

In 1994 Mr Gough began playing at the Hamilton Road, Chermside Church.

In 2001 the Hamilton Road church together with the Strathmore Street, Kedron church moved to the new complex.

Mr Gough was instrumental in having the Whitehouse-built organs from the two churches combined and installed in 2002.
He has played for Sunday worship services, Thursday morning services in the Chapel and evening choir rehearsals.

In the 1950s Mr Gough played the organ for the weekly radio broadcasts of “Voice of Christian Endeavour”, the for Billy Graham’s Crusade Choir.

At Mr Gough’s home church, City Baptist Tabernacle, he was organist for more than 15 years. Mr Gough’s service is a great testament to faith in his Lord.

Photo : Photo courtesy of Janet Brandon