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Revisiting Rollie’s biography

NINE YEARS after Rev Dr Noel Wallis’ biography on Rolland Arthur Busch was launched at the Broadwater Uniting Church the author has completed a revised and enlarged edition.

On the encouragement of friends, Dr Wallis has self-published a very limited edition update of A Man Called Rollie that includes a new cover and an extra chapter called ‘Christian Educator’.

Dr Wallis has given copies to some of the main libraries in Brisbane as well as the National Library of Australia. A copy has also been donated to the Trinity Theological College library.

Only 300 copies of the revised publication have been published, but it is nonetheless a credited work. In lieu of finance being available for a professionally produced edition, Dr Wallis’ contribution in memory of Rollie is gladly accepted.

For more information contact Rev Dr Noel Wallis on 3372 2145