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The chaplain with two hats

Neville Wilson
Chaplain Neville Wilson, in his line of duty as a Royal Flying Doctor Service pilot, was tasked to transport a seriously ill prisoner from a northern jail to Brisbane for hospitalisation recently. He was able to make himself known to the prisoner and escorting officer as a chaplain at the Capricorn Correctional Centre before the flight commenced.
He was encouraged by the respectful attitude of the escorting officer towards the prisoner. Being an aviation enthusiast himself, the officer took the trouble to talk the inmate through each phase of the flight from takeoff to landing, and unloading the patient and stretcher off the aircraft into the waiting ambulance.
This man was obviously in God’s care with a medical team, an escorting officer and a Chaplain, accompanying him all the way to Brisbane for medical care.
God is always gracious and good in His provision.
Photo : Neville Wilson