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Trainees test the call to ministry

Former Ministry Trainee in the Emerald/Fernlees Uniting Church Congregation Monique Mawbey

A year working as a Ministry Trainee in the Emerald/Fernlees Uniting Church Congregation has confirmed for Monique Mawbey that she has a call to the ordained ministry.

“It has made me aware of ministries I wasn’t even sure existed and helped me discover where I think my true calling might be,” said Ms Mawbey who also said while the experience wasn’t necessarily easy it was “one of the greatest and most worthwhile ones”.

“It has opened my eyes to different aspects involved with the church and has allowed me to develop great relationships with people I never would have thought of getting close to.”

Emerald/Fernlees Minister Rev Russell Reynoldson said it had been a privilege to be a supervisor for three trainees and to journey with them as they listened and discerned God’s call on their lives.

“The call of God on people’s lives does not come in isolation but from within a context of community, and the traineeship puts the young person into this community context, so along with the young person the Church community is able to explore this call,” Mr Reynoldson said.

Ms Mawbey said the traineeship had forced her to get out of her comfort zone. “The traineeship has also allowed me the opportunity to study through Trinity Theological College and Coolamon College, giving me an insight into the life of a college student.”

Mr Reynoldson sees himself in a coaching role as he works with ministry trainees. “I believe that the Church in the future will not be lead by people like myself, who are fast reaching 50. Rather our task as Ministers will be to support, encourage and equip these young people as they exercise ministry.”

He said Emerald/Fernlees congregation had stepped out in faith to take on another trainee for 2007 and would welcome any support to help fund the placement.

2007 ministry trainee Rebekah Wein will participate in primary and secondary school Religious Education and Chaplaincy programs, and assist a Priority One group, youth groups and Sunday School.

“We also had to step out of our financial comfort zone and accept the challenge so this could happen,” he said.

Ms Mawbey would definitely recommend the experience to others, even those “who think they might even have the slightest call towards ministry”.

“Even if at the end of the traineeship you do not believe this is where you are meant to be it definitely gives you something to carry with you through life.”

For information about traineeships or to offer financial support to assist with trainee placements contact the Traineeship Coordinator
Mr Paul Yarrow at the Youth and Children’s Ministry Unit (YACMU) on 07 3388 9866 or email  

Photo : Former Ministry Trainee in the Emerald/Fernlees Uniting Church Congregation Monique Mawbey