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Trinity Ipswich celebrates centenarian

Mrs Elizabeth Jordan with examples of her handiwork

The congregation of Trinity Ipswich Uniting Church celebrated the 100th birthday of member Mrs Elizabeth Jordan earlier this year, and recognised the length and faithfulness of her service to the Dinmore Methodist and, later, the Bundamba and Trinity Ipswich congregations.

She was a keen supporter of the Blue Nursing Service in Ipswich and was a part of the auxiliary from 1967 until 2002, when BlueCare replaced it.

The Ipswich Show Society congratulates Mrs Jordan for having entered her knitting and crocheting in the show since the late 1960s.

Mrs Jordan gives most of her work away, as she enjoys the twin pleasures of making it and giving it.

Trinity Ipswich thanks God for her cheerful and friendly fellowship.

Photo : Mrs Elizabeth Jordan with examples of her handiwork