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Trinity welcomes new staff member

Dr Jason LeCureux. Photo by Osker Lau
TRINITY THEOLOGICAL College welcomed the new Director of Old Testament Studies in February, Dr Jason LeCureux.

Dr LeCureux studied at Lincoln Christian University in Illinois, earning an MA in Old Testament and an MDiv in Historical Theology.

His wife, Cara, also did a Masters degree in Christian counselling.

They come to Trinity after four years in Cheltenham, UK, where Dr LeCureux studied under Gordon McConville and Pekka
Pitkanen, while working on his PhD in Old Testament Studies.

Dr LeCureux said his fascination with the Old Testament probably started when his mother gave him a picture Bible as a young child.

He said he was looking forward to the year ahead.

“I hope to be a good lecturer and to instil in the students a passion for and understanding of the Old Testament, how it still
speaks to us today and how it is a critical tool for understanding who God is and how he functions.”

His passion lies, not surprisingly, in the topic of his PhD thesis which was called The Thematic Unity of the Book of
Trinity welcomes new staff member Twelve: The Call to Return and the Nature of the Minor Prophets, traces the theme of repentance through the last twelve books of the Old Testament.

“What does it mean to return to God and what does it mean to have God return to you?” he said.

“We are always in a relationship with him and there is always turning.”

Dr LeCureux said he was looking forward to getting to know Uniting Church people all over the state and encouraged them to take one of his classes.

Photo : Dr Jason LeCureux. Photo by Osker Lau