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Vale Rev O.J. Dale

Rev Ossie Dale
The death of Ossie Dale on Sunday, 12 November, brought to an end a vigorous and varied ministry that spanned over fifty years in first of all the Methodist Church and then in the Uniting Church.

Ossie worked in the church for two years after completing his schooling at Ipswich Grammar, testing his call before he offered as a candidate for the ministry in 1954.

After a year spent in Nambour (Woombye) he spent three years in Kings College as a theological student and then was appointed to the young and vigorous congregation of Chermside.

Offering for overseas missionary service he and Patsy went to All Saints Missionary Training College in Sydney prior to spending 16 years in Papua New Guinea, the latter 9 as chaplain in the Defense Forces there, an integral part of his missionary service.

On his return to Queensland he remained on the reserve of officers for a further 13 years and served in the parishes of East Ipswich and Nambour.

He was part-time chairman of the West Moreton Presbytery and then later fulltime chairman of the Presbyter of Mary Burnett.  His last three years of active ministry were served in a Circuit of the Methodist Church in England.

Friend and colleague Rev Ron Potter described Ossie as a vigorous, dedicated and practical minister who served both the Church and his Lord with distinction.

“When he said two weeks before his death that he was not afraid of dying but expected the ride to be a bit bumpy until he got there, no one imagined that the time would be so short, but, altering the old hymn a little, we can say that we rejoice with a brother deceased for our loss is his infinite gain.”

The Uniting Church in Australia gives thanks for a life that has challenged and encouraged so many.

Photo : Rev Ossie Dale