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Lutheran/Uniting Church liturgy for shared ministry

Representatives of the Lutheran Church of Australia and the Uniting Church in Australia have launched a new liturgy for shared ministry between their churches.

The Co-chair of the Lutheran/Uniting Church Dialogue, Rev Dr Anna Grant-Henderson of the Uniting Church, said that the liturgy marks a significant step in the continuing relationship between the two churches.

"The dialogue is seeking a way forward for both churches to share in our traditions and to build relationships across our Christian communities," said Rev Dr Grant-Henderson

"There has been strong support for the new liturgy and much healthy debate over what was to be included.

"Communities with shared ministry arrangements will now have a truly ecumenical liturgy that identifies with both denominations."

The liturgy titled 'A Great Prayer of Thanksgiving' was adopted by the Uniting Church in Australia Assembly Standing Committee in March of this year.

Shared ministry arrangements exist in a number of places across Australia allowing small congregations to join together in worship.

The booklet contains both liturgy and commentary and is designed for cooperating congregations where church leaders have agreed to joint worship.

There is also a commentary which provides insights to the background of the liturgy and discusses the differences between the denominations' traditions.