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Songs that unite

Musician and minister, Rev David MacGregor. Photo courtesy of David MacGregor
THE national Assembly of the Uniting Church has developed a new online worship resource called Songs that Unite.

Songs that Unite is a music website that supports the production and distribution of music resources to the wider church community and has a focus on serving those who are preparing a service of worship.

The idea stemmed from the 2009/10 Assembly-run songwriting competition by the same name.

The competition successfully identified artists who wrote high quality compositions for use in congregational worship and other group settings.

Many entrants did not have effective distribution methods for their music so it was decided to establish the website to encourage and support the production of a wide range of contemporary worship resources.

Queensland artists whose works are featured on the site include Rev David MacGregor and Wendy Kerr.

Like every songwriter who has contributed to the website, they offer music that is theologically sound, original, contemporary and authentic.

Assembly General Secretary and Songs that Unite director, Rev Terence Corkin, said he has been overwhelmed by the level of talent across the Church.

“I have been most excited by the breadth and depth of musical styles and lyrical content,” he said.

“This project has confirmed for us the rich musical gifts that we have within the Church and it is wonderful to see such gifts being shared for the whole of the church in this way.”

Mr MacGregor said the project provides a great opportunity for artists to share their music.

“Signing up for Songs that Unite is an opportunity to share the music God has given me with a wider audience,” he said.

“In an environment where limited opportunities have existed for this, here is an invitation for contemporary worship songs with sound theology and content.

“Songs that Unite, for me, fills a great void in the broad worship song landscape in Australia.”

Psalm 149:3 says, “Let them praise his name with dancing and make music to him with tambourine and harp”.

Of course, these days we have added keyboards, microphones and electric guitars to this line up but every week Uniting Church people lift their voices in worship, just like they did thousands of years ago in the Holy Land.

The tools we use may be different but the desire to use music to unite us in worship is the same as it ever was.

Songs that Unite aims to enhance the worship experience of God’s people as they come together in worship as the body of Christ.

It provides music that fits with the Uniting Church’s liturgical calendar and aims to be inclusive, culturally appropriate and accessible.

Photo : Musician and minister, Rev David MacGregor. Photo courtesy of David MacGregor