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WA Synod calls for new approach to boat arrivals

The Western Australian Synod of the Uniting Church has reacted to the recent drowning deaths of asylum seekers off Christmas Island with calls for a new government approach to the issue.

Moderator Rev Ron Larkin said that it is time to recognise that our deterrence regime will not work.

"If people are denied family reunion, then more women and children will get on boats with their husbands and fathers.

"No lives are being saved through these inhumane policies.

"The boats will still come and people will end up more damaged than they were when they arrived.

"We believe that Australia needs to work with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) to provide greater resources to process asylum seekers in Indonesia.

"If there is a safe and trustworthy application process with enough places offered by Australia for people found to be in need of protection, then we can avoid people feeling the need to risk their lives on boats."