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A different way to worship

I REMEMBER sitting in a music class at university having a vibrant discussion about what the definition of music was.

Everyone agreed that playing, singing or improvising constituted music.

But what about a bird singing? Was that music? Of course!

So our thinking expanded. Could street sounds, noises that were unintentionally created, also be called music?

At this point we decided that it was the intention behind the sounds that mattered and what made it music (although the discussion continued and got very heated). Intention turned noise into music.

I often wonder the same thing about church.

Could sitting with someone on a train talking about faith be worship?

Could helping move mud, trees or rubble after a natural disaster be worship? Could running a community meal for homeless people be worship?

Like music it comes back to the intention behind that activity.

In this edition we speak to many different people about how they see church and worship.

The concept that kept coming back was community and intention. We invite you to explore what church and worship mean to you. Post your thoughts on our Facebook page. After all, that could be a form of church for some!

P.S. On behalf of the Journey team we congratulate our designer Osker and his wife Naoko who, the day before this edition was printed, had a little girl! To our youngest reader, welcome to the world!