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Creating happiness

PREPARING AN edition on happiness has certainly meant an interesting month here in the Journey office.

I attended the Happiness and its Causes conference where I heard the Dalai Lama say that compassion was the true path to happiness.

Interesting that compassion is one of the five Gospel Values in our 2020 Vision.

His concern was that while so many religions had compassion at their core, unless it was at the core of all societies, in a secular sense, future generations would struggle to find it.

I watched Scott Stephens do a fascinating interview with a leading Buddhist scholar on the paths to happiness in Christianity and Buddhism.

I leant how to think like Leonardo da Vinci, who apparently invented the parachute before anyone had invented flight!

How is that for forward thinking?

In a room of 2000 people searching for the true meaning of happiness, many were thinking of faith but a minority were
thinking of it through a Christian worldview.

Yet spirituality was high on the agenda.

It made me ponder what made me happy; really happy.

And I realised that being creative was the thing that made me most happy.

So, being a visual person, I have created a collage of the things that make me happy.

I encourage you to create your own or, if you already have one, send a picture or scan of it to journey@ucaqld.com.au to add to our JourneyOnline happiness photo gallery.