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Easter message from the Moderator

Kaye Ronalds. Photo: Holly Jewell

As I have thought about our nation and the devastation experienced by so many from droughts, fires, floods, storms and cyclones I have been wondering what does resurrection look like for those people?

The signs of ruin abound – cracked earth of outback properties, scorched earth blackened and sheds melted and mangled, paddocks strewn with debris, the once productive orchards broken down, church buildings damaged by mud, family homes destroyed, trees fallen on cars and the stock lost or wandering, income suspended.

Those people know the suffering and the weariness of defeat and desolation that we associate with Good Friday.

They understand the grieving of Easter Saturday and the heartache of unfulfilled expectations, the grief of death and the despair of overwhelming loss.

Blades of new grass, fresh energy to continue the clean-up, more hands to participate in rebuilding, a listening ear when the will and courage to go on seems to have evaporated, an unexpected gift and the support of those who will believe in God's power to transform death and decay into the possibility of new life.

That is what resurrection might look like this year.

This Easter, pray for those who will find it difficult to give thanks or to believe that God is good.

Photo : Kaye Ronalds. Photo: Holly Jewell