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Embracing a future not our own

AS I WRITE this reflection we are in the last days of an election campaign where the “forward together” slogan became a bit of a joke.

The process of discernment and visioning that we as a Queensland Synod are involved in at the moment, Together on the way, enriching community, is not a joke but a very serious engagement with God.

We simply cannot afford, in money or missional terms, to continue as though it is business as usual.

God is calling us to a new future which may well have a radically different shape to the past.

At the 27th Synod meeting we repented as a Church and committed ourselves to being ready to see what God is doing and ready to yield to and seek the will of God.

My question to myself, and all of us is: How ready are we to die in order for us to allow resurrection?

Are we willing to put everything on the table and allow the possibility of God radically reshaping everything that we are familiar and comfortable with?

Let us engage with God in the future, for God is already there.

It is God’s future for us, not our future that we want.