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Every person is precious

The Uniting Church in Australia, in March 2008, formally committed itself to support the development of a national human rights charter for Australia. While Christian opposition to such a charter is often reported, Christian support remains largely unnoticed and undiscussed.

The Christian faith understands life as a gift from God, and that through the life of the Trinitarian God, our humanity, made in this image, is inherently relational. We are human as we live in community – in relationship with God, each other and the natural environment.

Christian support for human rights rests on the understanding that community flourishes when all people are included and accorded the dignity and respect they deserve as beloved children of God.

In response to the Christian call to stand with people who are marginalised, poor and oppressed, the Uniting Church believes that we have a responsibility to contribute to the building of societies in which all people are valued and respected.

In the context of public policy, Christian churches can contribute by supporting the development of policy and legislation which upholds the rights of all people to participate in community and public life, be treated with respect and accorded dignity without discrimination.

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