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Is Tony Abbott a closet Protestant?

Rev Dr Geoff Thompson. Photo by Osker Lau
During his recent appearance on Channel 9’s Today (December 6, 2009) Tony Abbott bristled at Laurie Oakes asking him whether he believed in evolution. It wasn’t the topic of evolution that annoyed Abbott. Rather, he was annoyed that Oakes was asking him “religious” questions which Abbott believes Rudd has managed to avoid. The exchange drew forth this rather stunning claim by the new Liberal leader:

But the point I’m making, Laurie, is my religious views, are … personal, they’re not out there in the political market place … I mean, if there’s one person who’s put religion front and centre in the public square, to use his phrase, it’s Kevin Rudd.

With this reply, Abbott – the alleged “mad monk” – seems to have abandoned an important strand of his own Catholic faith. Indeed, claiming his religion is “personal” makes him sound, well, Protestant.

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Geoff Thompson is Director of Studies in Systematic Theology and Director of Research and Graduate Studies at Trinity Theological College, Brisbane.

Photo : Rev Dr Geoff Thompson. Photo by Osker Lau