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Journey asks: How does music enrich your spiritual journey?

Emma Castle-Morton
As a little two week old adopted baby from Sri Lanka cried and cried in her crib, her tremendously loving and amazing parents would play music through the night so she could dance herself to sleep.

When shopping for shoes, it didn’t matter what colour they were or how many bows were on them…all that mattered was the sound they made when walking on the floor.

For her fourth birthday, she was given a toy keyboard to play with and started imitating familiar tunes. As a seven year old, attending a lunch club at her Sydney Christian School, she would stand at the piano so her toes could reach the pedals and try to play Sunday School songs for her friends to sing along to.

I have loved music my whole life. Whether it be pop music, film scores or songs written about our Saviour, something powerful happens in my heart when I hear great music being played or sung.

For as long as I can remember, music has been the familiar pathway that has helped me gain confidence, make friends, do the housework, study, worship the Lord and lead others.

No matter where I go whether it is in the car, having a bath, reading a book, falling asleep, music has been by my side.

I can’t express how deeply passionate I am about making music and being a part of a team who makes music.

Being adopted makes it very difficult for me to understand what innate desires have perhaps came from my natural parents, but one thing is for certain: I do know that this deeply imbedded love for making music scream from life has come from my Father in heaven.

Does it mean that it’s always easy to sing and make music to the Lord? Simply…no.

Certainly there are times when my heart does not rejoice or when there is no song in my heart…even times when I don’t want to be around others who are worshipping God through song. Do I let that stop me from worshipping my Lord though? Definitely not!

Speaking the promises of God from his Word and making statements of faith from the lines of songs, helps me to keep my relationship alive with Jesus.

Even just sitting in a quiet place listening to soft worship music allows me to make more room in my heart for my Jesus.

Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Tell of his salvation from day to day. (1 Chronicles 16:23)

Emma Castle-Morton is Worship Coordinator at Logan Uniting Church

Photo : Emma Castle-Morton