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Journey asks Tanya Johnson: How did school influence your faith?

IN MY PRIMARY school in Bundaberg the entire school was separated into denominations for RE lessons.

Once a week, about 80 children were sent to a room where one poor lady tried to teach bible stories amongst misbehaving kids.

I didn’t listen that much, however I did pay attention when the forms for attending Day Camp were handed out.

At high school, we started each year and concluded each term with services in the main Anglican Church.

While they did not seem to have much point to me, I thought, “If some people think this is important, I should respect it”.

I did enjoy the occasional church service I was musically involved in.

In Year 11, the RE teacher took a different approach. Instead of being lectured on God, we talked about contemporary ethical issues and the biblical approach.

I appreciated the discussions and debate that resulted.

I also lived at Grace College at the University of Queensland for three years. While I wasn’t involved in church related activities, many of the long-term friendships I formed there were instrumental in shaping my faith.

So my school and university life has incrementally impacted on the forming of my faith, even though I couldn’t see it at the time.

Name: Tanya Johnson
Grade: Graduate
Department: Law
Location: Broadwater Road Uniting Church