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Journey asks: What does it mean to work for a Uniting Church organisation, Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB?)

GREG Ryan- Employment Services Manager– It's empowering to help the disadvantaged; being part of the Uniting Church offers me that opportunity. Helping people is a huge part of my motivation and I might not get that opportunity with other organisations.

Mike Jeffrey- Marketing, Communication and Fundraising Manager- The Uniting Church was prepared to invest in my development, whether it be mentoring, training or education. The second thing is that people in leadership were always prepared to give me a go and listen to what I had to say; they made me feel welcome and signifi cant. The final thing is that the people working across the UC areheart-driven people who really care about making a diff erence and there is no better example of this than at Wesley Mission Brisbane.

Kerry Clayton- Logan City Services Manager- The values that the Uniting Church holds are very respectful of people and that makes it easy to work within that; we like to uphold those values in our work. Working as part of a larger organisation doing such diverse work around Queensland and Australia lends a great deal of credibility and strength to our own programs.

Jane Lamberth- Accounts Payable- I find that working for a Uniting Church organisation means being part of a supportive, caring and relaxed environment which respects the values and character of the individual.

Anna Hickey- Senior Community Services Accountant- My role as an accountant at Wesley Mission Brisbane involves much more than numbers on a page. The connection and contact I have with individual services across the organisation gives meaning to what I do, and I greatly value the relationships I have with the people I work alongside – they make it all worthwhile.

Ruth Pickett- Senior Accountant- I have been working as an accountant for Wesley Mission Brisbane since arriving in Australia from the UK four years ago. Working for such an organisation like WMBprovides me with a sense of fulfilment. I enjoy being able to work alongside so many wonderful colleagues and friends that add value to the wider community.