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Journey asks: What was your education like?

Rev Prof Andrew Dutney, President, Uniting Church in Australia-

"Trinity College in the late 1970s made me the Christian I am. Our lecturers taught by example – especially Rollie Busch and Han Spykerboer. They modelled how to reflect theologically on the public issues of the day, and how to act with integrity and courage as disciples of Jesus."

Rev Kaye Ronalds, Moderator-

"The college was not only a place of learning, it was also a place of community. Along the way some students experienced a crisis in their life. Some wrestled with family matters, with their identity as servants of God and the Uniting Church as a host and context for service. The process of forming us as ministers of the Gospel served to sift and shape us. We learned new languages and ways of asking questions as we reflected on our encounters with God and God's people."

Past Moderator, Rev Bruce Johnson, St Andrew's UC, Brisbane City-

"There were times of great collegiality and inspiration and growth in faith. The simple environment of the old Ryans Road Church of Trinity College created a learning community that enriched my life immensely. "At Trinity College I was taught to think theologically, given a wonderful grounding in the Scriptures, and the witness to Christ. Upon that solid foundation I have grown and continued to learn about the way God would use me to serve Christ's mission."

Rev Dr Neil Pembroke, The University of Queensland-

"I was very privileged to have as my theological educators men (it was an all-male faculty) such as Han Spykerboer, Rollie Busch, David Pitman, James Haire, and Douglas Galbraith. Quite a line-up! One thing that I appreciated about the way that they went about their work was its holism. They integrated academic theology, pastoral practice, personal spirituality, and authentic relationality. "They would often ask me about my life, my family, my studies, and my vision for my future ministry (the same went for all of their students of course). At first I thought that they were just a really polite bunch, but I soon realised that they were genuinely interested in the development of their students in all its facets. I can't say how profoundly I value my four years in the college."

Graham Atherton, student lay preacher-

"I thought I knew the Bible!"

Gewa Au, Church Council Secretary, Logan Central Multicultural UC-

"One of the things I have seen in Bible studies at the congregational level is what has inspired people to become lay preachers is that we have good lecturers from Trinity Theological College and Pilgrim Learning Community – people like Geoff Thompson, Marian Zaunbrecher, Neil Thorpe and Rob Bos, and various other ministers."

Judy James, Moreton Bay College Founders Day Medal winner 2012-

"Through this journey of my life, I have lived the footsteps of my Christian upbringing, both as a child and then at secondary education, finding that loving kindness and compassion expands and grows the more that it is used – a genuine renewable resource."

Rev Harlee Cooper, Emmanuel UC, Enoggera-

"I will forever be grateful for the time I was able to spend at Trinity Theological College. During the course of my study I found myself being shaped and moulded in ways that will be with me for the rest of my life. "Theological study pushed me to engage with thoughts and ideas far beyond my own; at times it even uprooted some of my most closely held beliefs. This journey from certainty to faith was, and continues to be, unsettling – but it has allowed me to begin to fathom just how truly vast God is."

Alison Finger, accredited lay preacher-

"Under the guidance of Karyl Davison, our learning group was blessed to have instructors from Trinity Theological College and Pilgrim Learning Community – Rev Dr Geoff Thompson, Rev Dr Rob Bos and Rev Dr Marian Zaunbrecher – who challenged us, extended us and opened up ideas and concepts that would never have occurred to us. I sometimes found myself shaking my head and saying 'Wow!'"