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Journey asks Zac Halliday: How did school influence your faith?

SCHOOL AND faith; they interlock like a puzzle for me.

My faith was born at school and without my faith I don’t know where I would be at school.

My Christian beliefs give me an identity at school, at home and even in the wider community. Without such beliefs my whole life would be leading a different course probably, for the worse.

Through my lower years at school I was confronted and challenged by many differing sets of beliefs and faiths. I was, in my eyes, a piece of clay ready to be moulded into a masterpiece.

This period of my life continued until I attended the Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) where I was told of a God who loved and cared for me no matter what I had done and what I was going to do.

This idea seemed great – forgiveness for whatever action I committed and a grace that I couldn’t experience anywhere else.

As I began this journey it became clear to me that there was more to life than just being born, living and finally dying.

This purpose was addressed in a core meeting of ISCF and this was when I finally decided that I would legitimately give my life to Christ.

This step was the greatest moment in my life and I began to live life with a new found love and aspiration.

All this was given to me through God’s grace and I discovered his love and grace for me at school.

Without school I wouldn’t have found a solid Christian friendship group, a church home and finally, and definitely best, a God who has an undeniable love for me.

Name: Zac Halliday
Grade: Eleven
Department: Student
Location: Brisbane Boys’ College