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Living in the service of others

One of the things I love about the Uniting Church is the long-standing commitment of its members to support the marginalised and to work for peace and justice. These values are woven into the fabric of the Uniting Church in Australia.

We see this in the formation of services like Lifeline, which celebrated 50 years in March (page 14).

After a phone conversation between Rev Dr Sir Alan Walker and a distressed man (who later took his own life), Dr Walker was determined not to let isolation and lack of support be the cause of more deaths.

The 24-hour crisis support line he started now answers around 1250 calls each day.

The commitment to others leads Uniting Church people to all kinds of places and experiences.

From our chaplains serving in the Defence Force (pages 10 and 11), to the Church speaking out for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers (page 8), to educating young people on global issues (page 6), we serve others.

Shae Godfrey's April artwork in the Synod calendar is a wonderful reflection of the joy and vibrancy that happens when people live their life to the fullest in the service of others.

Every colour and texture explodes off the page.

This month we remember two people whose fully lived lives have recently ended.

Rev Ellis Bramley, a retired Uniting Church minister, passed away in March at the age of 101.

Ordained for over 70 years, he certainly lived for others.

And in the Journey office we mourn the loss of one of our incredible volunteers.

Sue Black has been assisting in the mailing of Journey, among other things, for many years.

If you receive Journey in an envelope, chances are that Sue put it there while chatting and enjoying a cup of tea with us.

May the examples of the lives of these two faithful people continue to inspire us all.