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On the way

Our Together on the way, en-riching community discernment and renewal process continues.

Most people in the Uniting Church across Queensland will by now be aware of the Call and Gospel Values that we have affirmed:

The Church’s call at this time
In response to God’s Call at this time, the Uniting Church in Queensland is committed to:

Uniting in Christ
acting with love
living with hope
witnessing in faith
working for justice.

Gospel Values
In response to God’s gracious reconciling action in Jesus Christ, we are also called to live out the following Gospel Values:


These commitments are the basis for continuing to the next stage in the process, namely, the discernment of a Vision and Directions.

A Vision workshop on 31 July was attended by 35 people from across the state.

It was encouraging to know that many people were praying for the workshop participants on the day.

That workshop engaged with the Call and Gospel Values and sought to discern a Vision for the Church in Queensland in 2020 that gave expression to the Call and Gospel Values.

What 2020 Vision do you believe God is giving to the Uniting Church?

Over the next three months Vision workshops will be held across Queensland by those who participated on 31 July.

You are invited to participate in one of those workshops or run a workshop using the resources at http://ucaqld.com.au/about-us/about-the-uniting-church-in-queensland/together-on-the-way-enriching-community.

Several congregations have committed to praying for the whole Church over the coming months as it engages in this discernment and renewal process.

You are invited to become a prayer partner as we ask God for renewal, guidance, and direction for the whole Uniting Church in Queensland.