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Passing the baton editorial

I can think of five key people who have been guideposts on my faith journey. Most of these were Uniting Church youth workers.
People with energy and passion for connecting with young people and helping them explore their faith in a deeper way.

Looking at youth and children’s ministry in the church, it is hard to see tangible evidence of the importance of such work.

It may not fill our pews, but it may.

Those full pews may not result in more money in the plate, but they may.

The results lie in other ways. Young people who go out in to the world and live a life that involves God – people who are now lawyers, teachers, students, artists, theologians or builders.

Even people who still don’t know what or who they are, but they know their faith.

I am a product of the Uniting Church’s commitment to youth and children’s ministry.

How does the church continue that commitment in new and exciting ways?

Who will run the church in 20 years time?

Who in your congregation is standing, hand outstretched, ready to receive the baton?