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Simple lessons

There are some days where it doesn’t feel like I have learnt anything.

But then, as I think about my day, I realise that I have learnt many small things, like the importance of saving my work.

Our IT department has a saying: Jesus saves.

It came in handy when there was a power out in our street in February and when my computer crashed with a virus during Journey production this month.

Sometimes learning feels a bit like climbing a mountain.

It can be hard but it is usually rewarding.

One of my favourite mountains is Mount Beerwah in the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast.

I like to think of Beerwah as a visual symbol of the Together on the way, enriching community journey the Uniting Church is on.

This is a learning journey.

Anyone who has attempted the climb Beerwah is immediately faced signs that scream ‘experienced climbers only’.

The first hurdle is the terrifying scale up an almost vertical cliff face with nothing but your bare hands and courage.

Most people don’t get past this stage, not the first attempt anyway.

It was clinging to this cliffface once that I was overtaken by a couple of kids and their parents.

I thought; if they can do this so can I!

So my friends and I worked together to get everyone to higher ground.

Once we passed the cliffface the climb is long, slow, potentially treacherous, and the terrain is constantly changing.

But, like the Together journey, once you scramble over the rocks to the very top the reward is more than worth the effort.

The view from the top is breathtaking and makes you never want to get down.

In putting this edition together I was reminded that we are all on a learning journey.

Whether we are learning with our mind, heart, soul or strength, we need to support one another in that journey and embrace the diverse learning styles that make up our church and our world.