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Stuff Kids Ask: How do I know my new friends are nice?

IS dark chocolate yummy or yuck?
Do strawberries taste sweet or disgusting?

Are swings fun to play on or do they make you sick?

What do you think?

Did someone else tell you or have you tried these things for yourself and made up your own mind?

Sometimes we just have to give things a go and discover what they are like.

It works that way with people too.

We can’t know for sure what someone is like just by looking at them.

We need to give friendship with them a chance.

Being friends with anyone is a risky business in some ways.

There simply is no guarantee that friends will be “nice” to us.

In fact, I have been hurt the most by some of my closest friends over the years.

But it would be a very lonely life if we never gave friendship a go.

Often I’ve found that the kind of friends you have depends on the kind of person you are.

Being “nice” isn’t the most important quality in friends.

Perhaps being real, sharing the tough stuff of life, sticking together through all things, celebrating and loving life together are some of the best ways to have friends.

How can you know your new friends are nice?

Give friendship with them some time.

Be a friend to them in the way you want them to be a friend to you.

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