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A growing faith experience for young people

Sometimes misunderstood and often not known about, Chrysalis weekends introduce young adults to Christianity as a lifestyle.

The highly structured three day experience is designed to strengthen and renew the faith of young Christians and, through them, all those with whom they come into contact.

Queensland Chrysalis committee member Andrew Johnson told how people often won’t say much about what happens on the weekend because they believe that people have to experience Chrysalis for themselves.

“It’s because the experiences on the weekend have a power and uniqueness that are difficult to describe,” he said.

Chrysalis veteran Amaya Coit told how Chrysalis had been a meaningful part of her life and had helped her experience God in different ways.

“Chrysalis has also helped me by giving me the courage to love others with agape love, to be a servant to others and help them experience God’s love and grace in a safe environment,” she said.

“Chrysalis has also helped me to make some amazing friendships that, although time may pass and lives regain normality, continue to inspire and grow.”

The Chrysalis program is an offshoot of the Walk to Emmaus movement and is designed for young people from 16 to 22 years of age from any denomination.

Mr Johnson said the focus of Chrysalis is commitment to Jesus Christ through the local church. “The aim is to inspire, challenge, and equip young people from the local church for a closer friendship with Christ, and for Christian action at home, church, school, and in the community.”

For more details about Chrysalis visit www.chrysalis.emmaus.org.au
email s365741@student.uq.edu
or contact 07 3847 3113
or 0417 783 495.