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Australia’s Religions United on Climate

UnitingJustice National Director Rev Elenie Poulos
In what is believed to be world first, 16 Australian faith communities representing the world’s great religious traditions have united to speak out on climate change.

"Common Belief: Australia’s faith communities on climate change" is being launched today at 10.30 am at the Justice and Police Museum, Albert and Philip Sts, Sydney. The document is published by the Climate Institute of Australia.

Every faith community affirms that action on climate change is a moral imperative for individuals, communities, business and governments. Inaction by Australia cannot be justified for any reason, the faith communities say.

The faith communities which have contributed to Common Belief are: Aboriginal religion, Anglicans, Australian Christian Lobby, Baptists, Buddhists, Bahais, Catholics, Evangelical Alliance, Greek Orthodox, Hindus, Jews, Lutherans, Muslims, Salvation Army, Sikhs and the Uniting Church.

“It has been a privilege to be involved in developing this important report, which considers climate change through the lens of morality and ethics," said Climate Institute founder Mark Wootton.

“The response has been unequivocal. Australia’s faith communities demand a firm government response to climate change which protects our children’s future and prevents further harm to the world’s poorest people who are already living with the impacts of climate change.”

“I am inspired by the conviction and determination reflected in these statements, from the Evangelicals who call for a carbon price, to the Baptists who point out that inaction could lead to millions of refugees having to find a new home in Australia, to the Muslims who say that alternative energy sources must be developed and encouraged,” said Mr Wootton.

Common Belief: Australia’s faith communities on climate change will be launched by the Anglican bishop of Canberra and Goulburn, Bishop George Browning.

UnitingJustice National Director Rev Elenie Poulos called governments to get serious about Global Warming.

“UnitingJustice believes that the Australian Government must set serious targets for greenhouse gas emission reductions, primarily through the promotion of renewable energy sources, measures to reduce energy demand and promotion of energy efficient measures. The Church has a long history of concern about the nuclear fuel cycle and remains unconvinced about the use of nuclear power as a solution to global warming… As a matter of urgency we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Photo : UnitingJustice National Director Rev Elenie Poulos