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Beenleigh party helps renovate Rarongo

John Mavor Jnr in building mode at Rorongo
Beenleigh Working Party member Mrs Rhonda Middleton believed that even they arrived, there was the sense that they were involved with something greater than renovation of some buildings at Rarongo Theological College.

The group continued working on the two buildings that a work party from Pittsworth had began.
This involved walls, floors, roofs plumbing and electrical work, then the painting and also stock-taking in the library.

“We talked with college staff, students and their families. Locals catered for us and we were able to learn their life,’ said Mrs Middleton.

“They shared stories of hardships: little money for sending children to school, dressings and medicine, and the problems that come with a tropical climate.

Mrs Middleton was mindful of the huge transition that PNG people have undergone the last century or so.

“They are still in the transition stage and many still live in villages continuing a traditional life style.”
At the worship services, college ministers and students spoke of the need to take responsibility and carry on with what had been started.

“We had a great time working together but barely touched the surface of what needs to be done. It was even greater to know we were a part of something bigger than this project,” said Mrs Middleton

“I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of the project and trust that we will continue to pray for the college and its people.”

Photo : John Mavor Jnr in building mode at Rorongo