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Celebrities celebrate 50 years

Queensland Minister for Health, Stephen Robertson, who attended St Andrew’s as a patient last year, and major sporting identities including racing car driver Dick Johnson will be helping St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital launch its 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Mr Johnson said he was “very impressed” with St Andrew’s when he was treated there. Others include national cricketers, Reds and Lions players.

The first original director of nursing, Pixie Annat will be present together with some of the original nursing staff, now very elderly.

Originally set up as a memorial to those who fought in the war, St Andrew’s is steeped in local history and has a number of ‘firsts’ to its name with regards to landmark medical breakthroughs.

The launch of the 50 year celebrations will be held at St Andrew’s Hospital on 16 May.

One of the best cardiac hospitals in the world St Andrews is undergoing a massive $80 million refurbishment that will give it some of the best facilities anywhere.

It now leads the world in neurosurgery, gynaecology, has one of the largest ear, nose and throat practices and rehabilitation departments in Brisbane and an intensive care unit that beats all other benchmarks for patient survival.