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Churches work together for rehabilitation in the Solomon Islands

Simply hoping for health in the Solomon Islands

The present crisis in the Solomon Islands highlights the continuing need for Australian Church support in the unsettled country. The Australian Churches recognise the need to address underlying economic and social justice issues in the Solomons to achieve lasting peace.

This year Simply Sharing Week (an annual education program of the Australian Churches) is focusing on physical and mental health in the Solomon Islands.

Alistair Gee, Director of Christian World Service/National Council of Churches in Australia says that the current reports of violence from Honiara signal that support for Solomon Islanders is needed now more than ever.

“Solomon Islanders are frustrated by the lack of health, education and other essential services available to them. Without healthy and happy people, it is difficult for the community to feel empowered enough to realise their potential.”

“Simply Sharing health programs in the Solomon Islands have a focus on rehabilitation. Whilst people are still disturbed, they will continue to launch into violent behaviour. By offering the people the opportunity for healing, we can be instrumental in bringing peace in the region,” says Alistair.

“The Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has an important role in restoring order. The Church community needs to follow this up by providing basic health education services, rehabilitation and trauma counselling as well as supporting the long term projects which will facilitate peaceful solutions to conflict.”

Simply Sharing Week education resources are available for churches and schools to develop their understanding of the situation in the Solomon Islands and equip them to take positive action in the Pacific region. Prayers for church partners and a peaceful end to the conflict are also encouraged at this time.

Simply Sharing Week – Simply Hoping for Health in the Solomon Islands is 14-21 May 2006. To receive education resources or to support the program contact Kaylea on (03) 9650 6811.

Photo : Simply hoping for health in the Solomon Islands