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Congregations invited to celebrate Blue Care Sunday

Congregations are being encouraged to celebrate the life of the Queensland Uniting Church at mission with Blue Care Sunday on 19 August.

“This particular Sunday is an opportunity for congregations to incorporate thanksgiving and prayer support for Blue Care into their worship services,” Acting Director of Mission Rev Jan Chalmers said.

To help congregations celebrate, Blue Care has prepared a range of resources, including a suggested order of service, which can be downloaded from their website at www.bluecare.org.au.

Ms Chalmers said for 54 years congregations had shown extraordinary dedication to their communities, with many of Blue Care’s vital services beginning as outreaches of the church’s spirit of service.

“While some things may have changed over the decades, Blue Care’s dedication and commitment to providing care based on the compassion of Christ remains the same,” she said.

“We are inspired by the example set by Jesus Christ, who met the spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional needs of all people.”

Ms Chalmers said the support of local congregations meant the agency had grown into one of the country’s largest community and aged care providers.

Blue Care provides care for over 11,000 Queenslanders each day in metropolitan, regional, rural and remote communities.

Ms Chalmers said it took a very dedicated professional and compassionate group staff and volunteers deliver services to so many people in a way that improved their quality of life.

“The people who need our services are the reason the Uniting Church puts so much of itself and its resources into social and welfare services,” she said.

Church members who want more information about Blue Care Sunday or who want access to resources prepared for the day can phone (07) 3377 3333 or visit www.bluecare.org.au .


• Learn about what Blue Care does as the life and mission of the Queensland Uniting Church. Invite the manager of your local Blue Care service, a Blue Care nurse or carer, a Blue Care volunteer, or a Blue Care allied health team member (example, physiotherapist) or a Blue Care chaplain to speak to your congregation.

• Ask a member of your congregation to deliver a sermon about how Blue Care cares for them, their family or friends. You could also invite a member of your congregation, who cares for a family member or a loved one, to share their story.

• Your congregation may have members who belong to a Blue Care auxiliary or committee that fundraise locally for Blue Care services. Ask them to share why it is important to serve the Uniting Church at mission in such a way.

• Invite someone in your congregation or from your local community to share how they feel when their well-being and care is dependent on someone else’s support, and why organisations, such as Blue Care, which are the life and the mission of the church, are important to them and community.

• Contact your local Blue Care centre and ask if there is anything your congregation members can do for Blue Care Sunday, such as visit or spend time doing activities with a group of Blue Care clients or residents.

• Use the suggested order of service and hand out the Blue Care donation envelopes* included with these tips to members of your congregation. You can also download the order of service as a PowerPoint from http://www.bluecare.org.au/NewsAndEvents/whatsOn.aspx

• Use the Blue Care place mat quiz, Blue Care brain teaser or coloring-in sheet included with these tips as activities. You can also download a poster from the Blue Care website at: http://www.bluecare.org.au/NewsAndEvents/whatsOn.aspx to promote Blue Care Sunday within your congregation.

• Contact your local newspaper, radio or television news station to tell them your congregation is involved in Blue Care Sunday. A suggested media release is included with these tips and you can download an electronic copy at http://www.bluecare.org.au/NewsAndEvents/whatsOn.aspx

• How has your congregation involved Blue Care in your Sunday or celebrated Blue Care Sunday?  Let Blue Care know!  Share what you did with Blue Care Marketing by phone (07) 3377 3333 or by email HERE