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Congregations to link to Assembly theme

Rev Gregor Henderson
In the lead-up to the 11th Assembly of the Uniting Church congregations and faith groups have been invited to reflect on their local mission using a series of short, small group studies prepared by the Assembly President and President-elect.

God’s Word, God’s World, Towards the 11th Assembly is designed for reflection around the Assembly theme by small groups or for individual reflection and meditation.

The free resource, which includes short bible studies, reflections, prayers and discussion starters, has been sent to each congregation across the country and can be used at any time between now and July 2006 when the 11th Assembly meets in Brisbane.

Uniting Church President Rev Dr Dean Drayton said the worksheets focus on four bible study passages and are designed to stimulate discussion, reflection and action about the church in mission.

“I have been very encouraged by the way many congregations are directly and very deliberately involved in God’s mission.

“These worksheets give congregations a short, easy to use resource that can help them reflect on their local mission and to search out new ways they might share the good news of Christ,” he said.

President-elect Rev Gregor Henderson said he hoped the sheets would help the Church focus its energies as the 11th Assembly approaches.

“As we prepare for the 11th Assembly, we hear God’s Word spoken not only to us, but also to the world.

“We know well that in the Uniting Church there are many different points of view on a host of issues.

“What holds us together is our relationship with the living Lord and our commitment to sharing the good news of that relationship with others.

“We invite every congregation to make use of these worksheets and reflect on how they are living out God’s Word in their community.”

Additional copies of the worksheets can be downloaded from the 11th Assembly websitehttp://assembly.uca.org.au/11thassembly/involve-resources.htm or purchased for a small fee through the Assembly’s publisher MediaCom 1800 811 311.

Photo : Rev Gregor Henderson